Monday, May 2, 2011

Task 11: Revel in the Kindness of Others.

I feel like I see this everyday in life. Kindness. Maybe its because i live in the south (yep i am biased and think the south is the best). Or maybe I am just lucky enough to know some really kind/dang good people.

People really can make a difference by just being considerate and taking a bit of time out of their day to do something "good". On Saturday, we decided to volunteer for the first time at an apartment community in Charlotte that houses a lot of low income, immigrant families. My eyes were opened to a piece of America that i had never really been in contact with. The conditions were very poor, with large families living in very small apartments...

But a group of people showed up on Saturday and gave up their time, to clean the families homes, to paint their walls, and even cheer up their apartments with bouquets of flowers. A smile and a conversation can go a long way. Playing with a kid on a dirt soccer field can go a long way. 2 hours on a saturday can make a big difference. It encouraged and inspired me. I have to admit lately i have been a big slacker on giving up my time for anyone but myself and what i want to do. But a little kindness goes a long way even in your own life.

Task 12: Pay Back.

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